The Battle for the Election Is Fierce! Sen. Wendy Rogers AZ Holds the Line! No Distractions! Pray!

The amount of cognitive dissonance going on in the alt media on this COVID subject is incredible. The bottom line is NO virus has ever been isolated or proven to cause disease, something that is being demonstrated now on a daily basis. Yet here you are talking about variants, trials, will the FDA approve etc. etc. You have been drawn into secondary nonsense arguments because you refuse to stick to exposing the original lie on which all else is built. Is the truth too unpalatable to you? Does your whole world fall apart if you have to admit that virus’s are just a normal bodily process involved in detoxifying toxic cells? Is it because ‘those that must be supported’ no matter what they say would be let down if you go against their narrative. What? What is it? Pray tell. Because from my perspective you have fallen straight into the oppositions trap of lending credence to utter nonsense and by now you should know better. The truth matters above all else.

We should be concentrating on stopping 5G. That’s the real enemy. All the rest of this is just a distraction. Start talking about the danger’s of 5G and the timing of the rollout and CV!

Over 60 towers burnt down in the UK using supersquirters. What’s your tally? I think the time for talking is long gone.


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