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The Best IKEA Items for a Stylish Home on a Budget


This post has been one I’ve written in my head before. Because so often when I look around our house I think, “Gosh. I really do have an IKEA love affair going on.”

I’m not sure if it’s my Swedish roots or the fact that I just really love a great deal, but when I walk into our nearby IKEA, I lose. my. mind!

I will say though you have to do it right. Because there’s a fine line between stylish home decor and hi-I-live-in-a-college-dorm-room.

So I thought it’d be fun to round up some of my favorite IKEA items that look high end for a low price, if you’ve ever felt lost there.

(By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. Pretty sure the peeps at IKEA don’t know I exist. I just like passing on any valuable information I can to y’all.)

Some affiliate links are provided below.

1. Vadholma Plate Shelf / Rack

This plate rack I got at IKEA has actually been discontinued (called Galemby), but they have one very similar to it now. It’s $70, and I swear I couldn’t even build it for less than that. I painted ours in Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black.

2. Ritva Curtains

I looooooove IKEA’s curtains! It’s really the only place I go to get them because most home decor stores carry curtains that are only 84″ long. IKEA carries lots of options that are 96″ or longer so you can get that gorgeous floor-to-ceiling action. These are $25 per pair! My favorite part is the linen-like texture they have. I can’t even make them out of bed sheets for that.

You can let them puddle on the floor or hem them with simple hemming tape or Heat n Bond. (Thinking I need to hem mine but we’ve had a million other projects going on.)

3. Lenda Curtains

My other favorites that look high-end are these Lenda curtains. They have a really pretty stitching detail. I cut the tabs off of the tops of mine and hung them up with clip rings to make them look a tad more fancy.

4. Matilda Curtains

These curtains are my favorite for a playroom or kid’s room since they’re light and flowy and have a sweet raised texture on them. I added pom pom trim to these in our old playroom to look like the pricey version in Anthropologie.

5. Picture Frames

They have SO many great, basic frames for really cheap, and a lot of them come already matted, which is a bonus. I’m a sucker for matted black and white prints in frames because they are so timeless. I put free public domain images of vintage clotheslines in them for our laundry room.

And I hung these up with black and whites of our own family photos for our foyer gallery wall.

6. Faux Plants

I swear it’s hard to find good looking faux plants, especially inexpensive ones. Most of the ones I’ve seen at IKEA actually look really convincing. They have great real plants too, but they don’t stand a chance against my black thumb.

I even got a pair of artificial boxwood trees for our front porch too. No one EVER guesses they’re totally fake, even up close. (They were only seasonal and have been discontinued, but they always have new artificial plants every 6 months or so.)

7. Farlov Sofa

I’ve dedicated two whole blog posts to this sofa along with how it’s holding upbecause it’s a WINNER in my book, especially if you have kids and pets. I rip that slipcover off whenever I need to, toss it in the wash, and it’s like a brand new couch. I know I’ve seen one almost exactly like it in Pottery Barn, but of course the PB version is $1,000 more.

8. Stocksund Chairs

We have two of these slipcovered chairs from the Stocksund line too that we’ve been really happy with. They’re really wide, almost like a chair and a half, and very easy to curl up in.

9. Ektorp Sofa

We had the Ektorp sofa in our playroom in our last house, and it was easy to wash the slipcover too. Usually, I could get away with just washing one cushion cover if one every got dirty instead of the entire thing. It’s not as deep-sitting as the Farlov, and it’s on the short side, but we liked it.

10. Sinnerlig Pendant Light 

We just installed this pendant light in Olivia’s new playroom and it is cuuuuuuute! It looks like something out of West Elm. But it is a little bit on the dim side, so if you don’t have other lighting in the room to help it out, this one might not be bright enough for you.

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