Hypocrite Speaker Nancy Pelosi Appears to Violate Her Own Mask Mandate at News Conference

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ended her news conference on Friday by walking away without wearing a mask, appearing to violate her own rule that requires a mask to be worn on Capitol grounds.

Pelosi concluded her newsconference, saying, “That’s it. I have to go.”

She then walked away and exited the room maskless.

The House speaker entered the briefing wearing a mask that she removed before starting with the words, “Good morning, everyone.”

Pelosi’s weekly news conference paid tribute to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who died suddenly at the age of 72 on Thursday. She also discussed voting rights, Jan. 6 updates and the ongoing infrastructure bill discussion, among other issues.

Pelosi also broke her own mask mandate last week for a photo opportunity, just days after she mandated that all House members cover their faces while at the U.S. Capitol.

Rep. Jake Ellzey of Texas was sworn in, just days after he defeated fellow Republican Susan Wright in a special election for Texas’ 6th Congressional District.

“Join me live at the United States Capitol for the ceremonial swearing-in of Congressman-elect Jake Ellzey of Texas’s 6th District,” Pelosi tweeted on July 30.

The New York Post reported Pelosi was heard asking if she could take off her mask for a photo with the candidate’s family — directly after she had mandated that all House members wear masks inside the Capitol, even if they’re vaccinated for COVID, at the direction of congressional attending physician Dr. Brian Monahan.

“Can we take off our masks just for the photo?” Pelosi reportedly asked someone as she repeated a question from a photographer.

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