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Here Are 12 Minute Workout to Tone Thighs & Burn Fat at Home

Are you proud of your body? If not, it’s time to do some serious sweating. We suggest that you try this ultimate leg workout, and enjoy wearing your summer outfit.

You don’t need too much free time or fancy gym membership cards. You can actually tone your legs in the comfort of your home in just 10 minutes.

Add these exercises to your daily routine, and adjust the intensity to your physical condition.

Leg exercises rule!

Strong legs will carry you everywhere. Find the best leg workout for your body, and you won’t have any problem with strained joints or muscle injuries. Work on your balance, and show off your hot body.

Your leg muscles are big, and your workout actually targets a large muscle group. It requires sharp focus and tons of energy. Your hard will work harder, and you will burn more calories. In other words, leg exercises will help you burn fat better than other exercises.

Work on your legs to prevent lower back pain. This part of your back is directly connecter to your lower limbs. Leg exercises improve flexibility, and help athletes to move easier and faster. This kind of workout will keep you safe from injuries.

The ultimate home workout for your legs

Follow the principles of consistency, and your legs will catch the rhythm. Don’t forget to stretch your body before you exercise.

We give you three amazing leg workouts. You need about 12 minutes to do them without any equipment.

Workout 1

  1. Rear lunge
  • 60 sec
  • Bend forward on the front leg
  • Bring your body down again, and lower your knee as much as you can
  • Balance your body weight
  • Squeeze in your buttocks
  1. Lunge pulse
  • 30 sec
  • Do the regular lunge position
  • Perform up ‘n’ down bounce
  • Hold your body as low as you can
  • Straighten your upper body
  1. Rear lunge (switch sides)
  • 60 sec
  • Repeat
  1. Lunge pulse (switch side)
  • 30 sec
  • Repeat
  1. Double dip squats
  • 60 sec
  • Keep your feet apart
  • Perform a deep squat with two pulses
  • Repeat
  1. Static squats
  • 30 sec
  • Perform a low squat
  • Keep in this position for half a minute
  1. Squat pulses
  • 30 sec
  • Perform a low squat
  • Do an up ‘n’ down pulse
  • Hold your body as low as you can

Try this leg workout to get rid of your love handles and tone your abdominal muscles.

Workout 2

  1. Static squat torso twists
  • 60 sec
  • Perform a quarter squat
  • Rotate the shoulders and don’t move your hips and legs
  • Work on your obliques
  • Increase intensity/speed
  1. Jumping oblique twists
  • 60 sec
  • Jump
  • Twist your body while jumping
  • Bring your hands together, and raise your arms
  1. Side hip raises
  • 30 sec per side
  • First, do your elbow and knee
  • Bounce the hips up and down
  1. Jumping oblique twists
  • 60 sec
  • Repeat
  1. Russian twist
  • 60 sec
  • Do the regular sit-up position
  • Rotate the shoulders
  • Keep your arms in the front, and remember, you shouldn’t rely on them
  • Elevate your chest towards the ceiling
  1. Jumping oblique twists
  • 60 sec
  • Repeat
  1. Reclined oblique twists
  • 30 sec per side
  • Hold the back about 6 inches off the ground
  • Raise your leg, and bring the opposite arm to the outer side of your foot
  • Use your other arm to balance your body
  1. Jumping oblique twists
  • 60 sec
  • Repeat

This is the greatest workout for your calves/thighs.

Workout 3

  1. Wide squat with feet turned out
  • 30 sec
  • Keep your feet apart
  • Do the regular squat position
  • Squeeze in your glutes while standing up
  1. Tip-toe squat
  • 30 sec
  • Perform a regular squat
  • Raise your body on your tip-toes and squeeze in the glutes
  1. Alternating side lunges
  • 30 sec
  • Do the lunge on one side
  • Hold your body as low as you can
  1. Lateral leg lifts
  • 30 sec per leg
  • Stand on one leg, while keeping your other leg off the ground
  • Place your hands on the hips
  • Raise and lower your body
  1. Bridge pulses
  • 30 sec
  • Lie flat on the ground, and do a triangle with your legs, while engaging your abs
  • Raise your pelvis, hold it elevated, and bring it down
  1. Bridge static hold
  • 30 sec
  • Support your body weight on your shoulders and tip-toes
  • Elevate the pelvis, and keep it in this position for 30 seconds
  1. Modified bridge
  • 30 sec
  • Bring your body in the previous position
  • Move the knees from side to side
  1. Two foot calf raises
  • 20 sec
  • Stand
  • Support your body weight on the “balls” of your feet, and roll
  1. Single leg squat
  • 30 sec per leg
  • Stand on one leg, while bringing your other leg forward
  • Keep your upper body straight, and extend your hands forward
  • Lower your body
  1. Wide squat with feet raises
  • 30 sec
  • Keep your legs apart
  • Hold your body as low as you can
  • Raise your body, and support it on the “balls” of your feet
  1. Modified wide squat with holds and pulse
  • 15 sec
  • Perform a wide squat on your tip-toes
  • Hold in this position for 15 seconds
  • Do tip-toe pulses
  • Hold in this position for 5 seconds
  • Pulse for additional 15 sec

Work on your body, and you will be amazed of the final results. Summer is already here, so you better enjoy it.

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The Oil That Removes Uric Acid From The Blood, Cures Anxiety and Stops Alcohol and Cigarette Cravings

Since ancient times, spices have been considered as very powerful ingredients because of their numerous medicinal properties. Black pepper is one of those spices whose properties never cease to amaze us. Especially when used as an essential oil, this one-of-a-kind spice can do amazing things for your overall health and well-being.


This essential oil has antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, carminative, diuretic, laxative, stimulant, and antiseptic properties. These are only some of the advantages of consuming it on a regular basis:

  • Fight off infections- the antibacterial properties of this oil can treat insect bites and infections. When regularly consumed, it will cleanse the arteries and decrease the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • Prevent damage caused by free radicals- black pepper is known to have the antioxidant properties that can prevent or treat free radical damage and thus, protect you from liver and heart disease, but cancer as well.
  • Soothes the stomach– black pepper can increase the hydrochloric acid secretion and thus, better the digestion. Having a healthy digestive system is vital for prevention of colic, diarrhea, and constipation. It will also prevent intestinal gas and encourage sweating and urination, which will result in expelled toxins from the body.
  • Benefits the neurological health– one of the main compounds of black pepper, piperine, can lower cognitive malfunction and memory problems.
  • Brings respiratory relief– black pepper has the power to alleviate sinusitis and nasal congestion since it can dissolve mucus and phlegm stuck in the respiratory tract.
  • Good for the skin– black pepper can treat vitiligo, a condition that causes certain areas of the skin to become white. This is because piperine encourages pigment production.
  • Contributes to weight loss– the outer layer of peppercorn contributes to a breakdown of fat cells, which is great for shedding fat and losing weight in a completely natural way.


The benefits of black pepper essential oil are conditioned by the way you consume it. Some of the ways for consumption are inhalation, topical application, or ingestion. When inhaled, it will relax the mind and body and lower mental stress and the stress associated with quitting smoking. If you take it orally, for example, by adding it to barbecues, steak sauces, etc. this essential oil will cause urination and sweating, which are great for the body because it removes toxins through these processes. Black pepper will also stimulate bile production in the stomach and result in healthy digestion. When applied topically, together with carrier oil, black pepper will relax the muscles and reduce cramps and pulls. It will also encourage the removal of uric acid from the blood which is great for people who suffer from rheumatism, gout, or arthritis.

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CHECK YOUR BODY: Warning Signs That You Have a Fatty Liver Ways and How to Cleanse It

The liver is an important organ located in the upper quadrant of the abdomen. It is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for more than a hundred important processes. This is why you need to learn the symptoms of liver damage and how to treat the condition properly.

12 early symptoms of damaged liver

There are more than 100 different liver diseases and each one has different symptoms. The most common ones are hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. The symptoms of these diseases are often misdiagnosed and detected far too late to be able to act. Here are some of the most common liver disease symptoms:

Upset stomach

Vomiting and nausea are the usual symptoms of many diseases including food poisoning, motion sickness, vertigo, depression, early pregnancy and others. However, they are also a sign of liver damage and occur due to the organ’s inability to filter toxins.

Loss of appetite

When damaged, the liver can’t produce enough bile, which results in loss of appetite as the food isn’t properly digested.


Feeling tired all the time can be an indication of liver damage as the organ works harder when attacked. In this case, more toxins accumulate in the blood and tissues and result in constant fatigue which mustn’t be mistaken for simple tiredness.

Digestive problems

The liver produces bile to digest food and fats, but when it’s function is impaired, it can’t produce the substance which leads to diarrhea and indigestion. Lack of bile can also cause fatty food intolerance, gallstones, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and bloating.

Changes in the color of the stool

The bile gives the stool its normal brown color, but when there’s a lack of it, it can make your stool yellow, gray or clay colored. If this is temporary, you have nothing to fear of. However, if the problem goes on for a while, you need to visit a doctor.

Changes in the color of the urine

The urine is normally yellow, but increased bilirubin levels in the blood as a result of liver damage may turn it to amber, green or brown.


Jaundice is a condition which turns a person’s eyes, fingertips, tongue and skin yellow. It is caused by excess bilirubin in the blood and should be taken seriously.

Fluid retention

Once the liver starts failing, it causes fluid retention in the feet and ankles which makes them look bloated. Fluid retention can also be a symptom of heart failure, hormonal imbalance, lymphatic disease and kidney problems.

Abdominal changes

Cramps, pain and bloating in the abdominal area can be a sign of liver damage. Ascites is a condition in which fluid is accumulated in the abdominal area and is one of the earliest signs of liver damage or disease. Liver damage can also cause high blood pressure in the abdominal blood vessels.

Skin itching

When the liver is damaged, it makes the skin more sensitive and may cause itching and flakiness. It can also make your veins and bruises more visible, and the problems won’t go away with a simple cream.

Abdominal ache

Although it may be caused by many problems, tummy ache can also indicate liver damage or disease.

Constipation, diarrhea, abdominal bleeding

The liver is important for proper clotting, so when it’s damaged it can cause bleeding, diarrhea and constipation.

This is just a fraction of the full list of liver damage symptoms. Liver damage or disease can also cause sex hormones imbalance and gynecomastia, and may also result in loss of libido. If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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Top Signs That You Have Magnesium Deficiency and What to Do About It

Magnesium is all over the place. It’s one of the top ten most abundant minerals on the entire planet. It’s also one of the top five most abundant minerals within the human body, about half of it found in the bones. It’s everywhere but somehow millions of people suffer from magnesium deficiency without even knowing it as there aren’t many accurate tests out there to find out if you’re in dire need of magnesium, but there are symptoms that indicate your body would benefit from it.


Over 300 different reactions in your body require the right amount of magnesium. High amounts of it are found within the soft tissue of the brain and heart, two major systems that depend on the mineral to operate efficiently. It helps regulate your body temperature and rid the body of toxins. The list of health benefits is far too lengthy to detail, but here are a few key advantages attributed to magnesium intake:

  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Reversing osteoporosis
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Treating diabetes
  • Alleviating depression and anxiety
  • Curing sleep disorders
  • Strengthening bones
  • Creating proteins
  • Helping weight loss
  • Encouraging healthy circulation
  • Treating asthma
  • Preventing stroke


We’ve all heard how important calcium is for strong bones and immunity but without the right amount of magnesium, calcium can actually be dangerous. Once the body has benefited from calcium the magnesium helps flush it out of the cells. Without enough magnesium the calcium accumulates and acts as a toxin rather than being absorbed into the bones healthily.

Just as calcium depends on magnesium, magnesium depends on vitamin D for proper absorption. Magnesium isn’t absorbed well during digestion so if you’re low on vitamins you could be consuming magnesium but not getting all the benefits. Finding a balance between these three essentials is ideal for maintaining health.


It’s not terribly difficult to determine if you’re deficient since the overwhelming majority of people on the planet are. It is estimated that 68 to 80 percent of Americans weren’t getting the proper amount of magnesium in their system. A magnesium test checks the level of magnesium in the blood. However most of the magnesium in the body is found in the bones and inside the cells and only a tiny amount of magnesium is normally present in the blood. Hence there aren’t many accurate tests out there to find out if you’re in dire need of magnesium, but there are symptoms that indicate your body would benefit from it.

Some small indicators include a lack of focus and energy throughout the day. You may tire easily and find difficulty concentrating. Magnesium deficient people tend to be irritable and experience heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Listed below are some common symptoms of deficiency:

  • Noise sensitivity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Infertility
  • Frequent headache
  • Digestive issues
  • Depression
  • Temperature swings
  • Muscle tightness

There are also more serious indicators. You may experience a lack of appetite or feelings of sickness. If left unattended symptoms can worsen into abnormal heartbeats, seizures, and drastic mood swings.


  • Industrial agriculture depletes the soil of nutrients. Rather than fertilizing with rich, vibrant compost, we treat the soil with synthetic fertilizers. As a result magnesium has been depleted from topsoil, diminishing its dietary intake.
  • Refined/processed foods are stripped of their mineral, vitamin, and fiber content.
  • Municipal water-purification facilities have intensified their efforts to remove contaminants like lead, pesticide residues, and nitrates from drinking water. Unfortunately, these modern water-treatment methods also deplete drinking water of desirable minerals like calcium and magnesium. Exacerbating this problem is that many people have added home water filters that extract any remaining minerals from the water.


Since magnesium is so essential to bodily processes, a lack of it can contribute to a wide variety of health issues. Without the right amount of this crucial mineral you could be putting yourself at risk for some serious health issues.

Because of the way it interacts with calcium, a lack of magnesium could contribute to the development of osteoporosis and frail bone health. There has also been a connection with the prevention of heart disease and heart attacks. Sudden heart attack death victims are commonly found to have low levels of magnesium.

A lack of magnesium could also contribute to the development of kidney stones. The mineral makes calcium dissolve much more effectively in the urine. Without this you could prevent painful kidney stones from forming. Some other diseases caused by magnesium deficiency include PMS, high blood pressure, menstrual cramping, insomnia and cancer. A magnesium deficiency can lead to involuntary muscle spasms, including eyelid twitching.


The first step in maintaining healthy levels of magnesium is identifying the root of the problem. For most people, it lies within a restricted diet. New advances in farming have drained crops of magnesium and ruined foods that were once great sources. Water used to also be a good source of magnesium but the fluoride being added makes it harder for the body to break down the minerals.

There are also several habits that contribute to magnesium depletion. Drinking caffeine daily (especially with loads of sugar), eating too much processed foods, and drinking lots of alcohol are all habits that can lower mineral levels. There are also certain types of medication like birth control pills and diuretics that deplete magnesium. Consult your physician if you’re taking any medication and concerned about your magnesium levels.


The best food sources for magnesium are usually vegetables and nuts. There are plenty of fruits and whole grains that can also give you a magnesium boost. Next time you go shopping consider some of the following items for your list:

  • Dark Leafy Greens (like spinach and kale)
  • Sunflower/Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lentils and Beans
  • Brown Rice
  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Dark Chocolate Bars or Powder

Sadly now that farm soil has been depleted of minerals we can’t rely on diet alone for proper magnesium intake. If you can, gravitate toward foods that are organic and non-processed. If you have trouble eating vegetables try finding a juicing routine that fits your taste.

Some people have turned to the use of supplements. Magnesium supplements can be found in powder form, liquid, capsules or tablets. You can find inexpensive products that feature magnesium citrate , which is among the most readily absorbed forms of magnesium supplements.

Because of the potential for side effects and interactions with medications, dietary supplements should be taken only under the supervision of your health care provider.


What Happens to Your Kidneys When You Ingest Baking Soda

Baking soda is something you can find in almost every home across the US. It is a fine powder that we use for just about everything.

While it is used for cleaning and other things of the sort, it is also used for medical reasons. People use baking soda to raise their pH level, treat allergic reactions to things like poison ivy, remove splinters, and even stop the progression of kidney failure. Yes, you read that right baking soda can be used to help stop the progression of kidney failure. If you are looking to improve your kidney health this is the remedy for you.

Baking Soda Kidney Health Remedy


  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Water


  • This will take a few days to carry out and on each day things will be a little different so pay close attention.
  • On the first day simply place a teaspoon of baking soda under your tongue and let it dissolve.
  • On the second day mix a teaspoon of baking soda with half of a teaspoon of salt and put it in some water.
  • Drink this once a day for three days.

According to a few studies, a daily dose of baking soda is very needed especially when you are dealing with kidney damage. Why not give this remedy a try? The only thing you have to lose is your kidney damage and that would be a great thing to lose!

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10 Simple Tricks To Burn Fat Naturally (and Without Exercise)

Most people who have excess body weight want to get rid of it. Nowadays, it is very hard to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

We are also exposed to stress which along with a sedentary lifestyle and other bad habits contributes to weight gain. Weight gain happens gradually so you may not realize before it is too late.

Majority of people are too busy to spend more time cooking homemade meals and exercise which is why we have prepared a list of a few tips that can speed up the weight loss process without requiring too much of your time.


A lot of people love alcohol because it helps them to relax and forget about their problems. But do you know that alcoholic drinks are rich in calories?

That is why drinking alcohol too often will lead to huge weight gain especially because it is also combined with other soft drinks and unhealthy snacks. Try to avoid alcohol as much as you can and the results will be visible soon.

You will not only lose excessive weight but you will make body detox in this way. You don’t need to quit drinking for good but just to limit your alcohol intake.


One of the most effective ways to avoid gaining extra pounds is to stop eating after 9 PM. The question is why? Eating after 9 PM is proven to help in gaining extra pounds as you have already consumed enough calories during the day. Eating after 9 PM is more due to stress or boredom and not because of hunger. The calorie intake late at night usually gets deposited as fat and cause weight gain. But if you stop eating after 9 PM you will surely lose weight.


We already know that this is a very important rule which is proven to work. You will not only lose weight but you will also hydrate your body and improve your skin health as well. The water will clean your body of toxins, accelerate your metabolism and you will lose weight easily.

What is even more important, it will help you to make a difference between real hunger and hunger out of boredom. You just need to drink one glass of water to realize if you are really hungry. Most of the time, our body cannot make the difference between dehydration and hunger.

So drinking water will help you in reducing appetite. If you want to achieve better results, drink 8 glasses of water every day.


You must rest and sleep for at least 8 hours. If you don’t sleep enough your body will start to react and you will be under great stress. This condition will affect hormones which are linked with the feeling of hunger. So you must have proper night sleep to keep those hormones well- balanced and in this way you won’t have increased appetite.


You do not have to go to the gym every day. You just need to have short interval trainings with pause between intervals. This will boost your metabolism which will help in the weight loss process.

Accelerated metabolism means burning calories faster which is directly linked with losing weight. If you decide to try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program, your body will continue with losing weight even after the training, which is quite amazing. So to conclude, try to exercise for 15-20 minutes every day if you want to lose weight fast.


By drinking coffee, we do not refer to high calorie latte with whipped cream. We recommend simple and plain coffee. Caffeine in the coffee stimulates the release of fatty acids in the blood stream and it will give you the necessary energy to train for a longer period of time. It will also reduce your appetite.


Extra protein at the beginning of the day will keep you away from unhealthy snacks during the day. Yogurt can be consumed as well to reduce your hunger.


You can also lose weight by writing down what you have consumed during the day. Experts claim that those people who do this lose more weight than those who don’t.


Open you curtains in the morning and let the sun into your room. The morning sun will fill you up with energy and it is also proven that those who get a daily dose of sunshine have a lower body mass index (BMI).


Do not buy unhealthy snacks for work. You can take an apple or pack of almonds and consume them instead of unhealthy snacks which contain a lot of calories.
These 10 tips can help you in losing weight but not if you are leading unhealthy lifestyle. So, try to consume healthy food and you will be healthy and fit.

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Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (and How To Grow It)

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits, and its quitting can be extremely hard for some people. Nicotine is the substance which causes the addiction, and it forces the body to crave for more.

So the more you smoke, the more nicotine is needed.

Also, when you do not enter nicotine in the body, the withdrawal phase occurs, which can be quite difficult before your body gets used to the new life without cigarettes. The physical symptoms last for a week, but the nicotine cravings can last longer.

Yet, Stevia is a herb which can help you quit this habit. According to a recent German study, Stevia can help you stop drinking and smoking, as it blocks the craving signals for nicotine from the brain. This herb has been long used as a sweetener and is a member of the chrysanthemum family, native to Paraguay.

All you need is a few drops of Stevia, and you need to drop them directly on the tongue when you crave for cigarettes. It will instantly stop the cravings.

You can find Stevia in powder or liquid in healthy food stores and supermarkets. This herb can also help you regulate blood pressure and lose weight.

Moreover, it is excellent in the treatment of acne and dermatitis, and can be used as a facial mask, as it tightens, nourishes, and softens the skin.

This is how to grow this beneficial plant at home:

This perennial plant cannot live in freezing conditions as it likes the sun. Yet, the root can survive in zone 8, if well protected, as well as in zones 9 and warmer, and grow again in spring.

You should plant it in good-quality, loose, loamy, well-drained soil in 12-inch containers, and keep it in direct sunlight, and water it when the soil is dry.

It needs to have 18 inches free space, and it will grow 1-3 feet in height. You should wait for the frost to pass and then plant it. Use compost, and mulch, to prevent drying out in summer.

Remember that the good drainage is vital in order to prevent rotting. Note that the roots are rotten if it is still wilting after being watered.

It blooms in autumn, with white flowers, so to stimulate the growth of new leaves, you can trim off the flowers.

Its leaves are sweeter in autumn, as the taste is better before the plant blooms. To use the leaves longer, you should dry them outside in the sun.

Remove the stems, leaves, and tender stems, and scatter them on loosely woven fabric or any non-metal screening. They will be dried in a day, so collect them, and crush them using a food processor or with the hand until you get powder.

You should keep the Stevia in airtight containers, and add it to your food and drinks. It will not dissolve, but it will effectively them.


You Must Try This Hair Oil, It Will Make Everyone Jealous About Your Hair Growth (Believe Me Everyone Will Ask Your Secret Of Hair Growth)

Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss. If you are one of these people, you’re not alone. Hair loss is one of the hardest things to treat! Thankfully, Dr. Mother Nature didn’t forget about this issue.


Boiled Egg Diet – You Can Lose 11 Kg In Just 14 Days

There is no person in the world that would say no to a fast-weight loss method, and this article will show you a way to do that. You can easily melt the unwanted fats with boiled egg diet. This diet is really effective because it will keep you full for a longer period of time and plus it will speed up the metabolism and that will result in faster process of fat burning.

You will need eggs, some vegetables and some citric fruits for this diet. One of the most important parts is to drink a lot of water, especially if you want better results since that will help more in the detoxification process. The recommended amount is 8 glasses.

Most of the cases where the person is all the time hungry are because that person lacks water. That is why you should drink enough water, plus you will boost your energy levels.

This diet is quite simple and everyone can try it. You will need to forget about junk foods when you are on this diet, and you will also need to limit the intake of sugar and salt as much as you can. That is the same for alcohol and soda. If you are doing everything correctly you can lose up to 11 kg in just two weeks.

Here is the diet:

Week 1

breakfast – 2 boiled eggs and 1 citric fruit;
lunch – 2 slices of whole meal bread and some fruit;
dinner – chicken and big serving of salad.

breakfast – 2 boiled eggs with 1 citric fruit;
lunch – chicken and salad of green vegetables
dinner – 2 boiled eggs, 1 orange and salad of vegetables.

breakfast – the same as the previous days;
lunch – 1 tomato, 1 slice whole meal bread and low fat cheese;
dinner – chicken and salad.

breakfast – the same as the previous days;
lunch – fruit;
dinner – steamed chicken and salad.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – 2 boiled eggs and steamed vegetables;
dinner – barbeque or fish and salad.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – fruit;
dinner – vegetables with steamed chicken.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – chicken, tomato salad and steamed vegetables;
dinner – steamed vegetables.

Week 2

breakfast – the same;
lunch – chicken and salad;
dinner – 2 eggs, salad and 1 orange.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – steamed vegetables and 2 eggs;
dinner – fish or barbeque or salad.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – the same as Monday from the second week;
dinner – the same as Monday from the second week.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – 2 eggs, steamed vegetables and low fat cheese;
dinner – steamed chicken and salad.

breakfast – the same;
lunch – tuna salad;
dinner – 2 eggs and salad

breakfast – the same
lunch – chicken and salad;
dinner – fruit

breakfast – the same
lunch – steamed chicken and steamed vegetables
dinner – the same as the lunch from the same day.

Before starting any kind of diet you should consult with your doctor first. That is what you should remember.

If you even start with regular exercising during the boiled egg diet you will obtain the best results possible.

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Put 2 Drops of This In Your Ears and Say Goodbye To Deafness! This Powerful Remedy Will Return Your Hearing

As a rule, as we age, numerous medical issues show up and a piece of them are likewise sound-related issues show up. They don’t scrutinize the age, sex, race nor social state, you can have this issue regardless. That is the reason you have to know how to treat it.

Here, will introduce you a characteristic curve with garlic that will help you against this issue rapidly and adequately!


  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Olive oil
  • A dropper
  • Cotton or loop


Peel and wash the garlic. At that point, pour the olive oil over it and abandon it to ingest the fluid for some time.

Put the got fluid in a dropper and abandon it to rest for the entire day to acquire a superior impact.


Apply from 2 to 3 drops in each ear and spreads it with the cotton or circle. You will see that little by little you are recuperating your listening ability!